## Following is a list of people who have helped me do what I could not do
## with my computer hardware or network links (circa 1981 to present.)

Berleley, CA {circa 1979 - 83) Santa Clara Valley and Metro Berkeley ( -1985)

Richard Gray
Skip (E.H.) Gross
Ference Kovac

Chippewa Falls, WI (1985 - 1993)

Skip Gross
DAve Smith
Joe Ousley
Michael White

Austin, TX (1993 -4)

Fletcher Mattox (Sr. System admin, UT, Austin)

(Matro Seattle (1994 - Present)

Noah Collins
John Glover
E.H. Gross
Jonathan Horne
Ken Marsh
Michael Wallendahl
Barney Cadena
Jeff Solsberg

Last Update
29 February, 2012

{this list begun in November, 1993, Austin}

---An afterthought is how hard it has been to find people who can even =do= hardware work on *Nix system; 99.999% of people have no clue what unix is! .....i'll write up something better when my speech project is done. --gdk, 29feb12