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. Yes, kids, be the first on your block to learn HTML. -- There are a number of exceptional web sites that offer free tutorials on HTML 4.0 and Joe Burn's HTML Goodies' site helped me update my HTML skills from 3.2 to 4.0.

You'll find Prof Burn's pages at this link:
HTML Goodies

Along with the multiple virtual domains here at Thought.Org, comes the need to learn to write the Common Gateway Interface scripts that work with the various <FORM> scripts -- among other things.

There are numerous places on the Web that offer free CGI scripts. Joe Burns (above) has some nice documentation along this line, but there are others that have already-hacked and seasoned scripts that come with their matching HTML files. I've begun by using Matt Wright's stuff and learning by modifying -- seasoning to taste -- as needed.

To give Matt full URL credit, you can find his stuff at Matt's Script Archive

If you are looking for a logo for your web site and like's logo, click on over to Nik Efay's site. For the cost of a nice meal out (for one person, no desert) Nik will create a catchy logo for your site. Just follow this link:
Nik Efay's Kwik -- and quality -- BeKwik link.

PS: There is more to Nik's site; wander around.

Systems, networking, and miscellaneous comments and credits here

For free logos that are extremely customizable, you might look at

It is a nice site; the company's banner logos are among the better graphic products I've found.

More accreditation to come as I learn more about page design and what colors go with what.

More links as the Pvblic Library writers' group, and other virtual sites are hosted here.

Clicking on this contributors link will show a list of those who have made this site possible. I start`from my school daze to my first real job at Cray Research. Back then, my computer was bbs, chipper; chipper was connected to the Internet via a 1200 baud dialup to Livermore, CA.

Volunteers in the truest sense

Here are a number of links that I
endorse if you plan to set up your own DNS.

Among the best sites out there is run by Josh Anderson:
Free DNS provides easy shared DNS hosting & URL forwarding

Following is a fine, basic DNS checker that will return relevant datapoints about your config files. Once returns postives, your configuration ought to be reasonably sound.

I plan to have links to the best DNS-related websites; these are ones with not only the correct information, but concrete examples as well.

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