Thought.Org had it beginnings in Western Wisconsin in 1986 as a small Public Access Unix site --[it was System V.2 AT&T UNIX]-- connected via a long-distance telephone link in California to the Arpanet. Fewer than 20 people dialed in to my system a day to send mail and read netnews. I registered the domain in April, 1994 with a promised dedicated IP from Tera Computer Company. With a 28.8k dial-up I was connected to the Internet by the end of that April. I didn't launch an HTTP daemon until the late 1990's mostly because of the bandwidth limitations--even tho most of my early pages were all text-based. Sometime after Tera Computer morphed into "Cray Inc" (sic) and I had to cough up the money for my own network link, moved from 28.8k to 144kbps: around March, 2001. This was still an extremely narrow straw, but serves well since there are relatively few graphics on this domain.

Today I run a Berkeley Unix server and, more recently, Ubuntu as my desktop, over a small local network and serve a few local (and distant) people. Current Web stats show roughly 100K hits/year. As of 2012, given the difficulties of maintaining my FreeBSD server current, I am considering moving to a Linux distro as a server.

(I am always looking for volunteers' help; for the most part, hardware volunteers. If you are interested in lending a hand please do send an email.) has always been dedicated to serve the intelligent public---either as a public-access or public-service site. After I was 9/11'd out of my programming job, I began my third life-career in philosophy: Ethics. With this change of focus, the site has also turned more toward thoughts--computer [and whatever else, related], to thoughts-philosophical. Focused on the ethical and trans-ethical, toward reaching the summun bonum. To this end, I am in the midst of creating virtual sites,, for the furthering of All Things Ethical. --Among the other virtual sights will be that will contain as many of the writings of Henry Wilkes Wright as I can scan and publish in HTML. (H.W.Wright was, by my reckoning, one of the top ethicists of the Twentieth Century.) As this blue marble of ours fractures increasingly along ethnic, religious, racial, and philosophical lines--however thin these lines may be--I believe that it's time to put our emotions on Pause and Think. It is time to read, to reason, and to reach across the lines of division.   I hope to have a message board for people to offer their feedback to news items or express their views on myriad other subjects. And other things. Thoughts abound.   I hope the leading thinkers of this new century will share their work (in HTML) on the coming virtual philosophy pages. These are days for reflection, not reaction... .     It's going to be an intriguing next several years, so   stay tuned!

Who am I (Gary Kline)? I was born at the end of World War II and wound up being the first {and to-date, the only} severely- and multiply-disabled electrical engineer and computer scientist to have graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. If you want to see how some people can make simple-minded, biased and ironic prejudicial statements, check out the microscopically thin-slice of my bio from yester-century, Here .

After many years of my computer geekdom, after my lay-off, because of age and other factors, when I realized that finding another programming job was virtually NULL (and being too young to "retire"), I decided to go back to school. My latest rather nerdy interest is philosophy--Ethics. After several years of what seemed impossible work, like writing about life after death if there were no gods, my 22,000-word Master's thesis was accepted in the late summer of 2009, and at the end of that class year (July, 2010), I finally was awarded my M.A. in ethics by the University of Wales, Lampeter. (Life got awfully tough sometimes. Once, circa 1980, I was about to give up when I remembered something that Pliny the Elder said. Which was something like: "How many things are considered impossible until they are actually done!")

I still do a lot of things as best I can. Besides hacking C now and then, I've gone back to writing--both fiction, and yes, philosophical essays.   ...We'll see what happens... .

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May, 2012

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